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General Line & OTS Cans

Our durable general line cans offer a versatile packing solution for a range of products like edible oils, biscuits, powders (protein & talcum), coffee, tea, etc. These cans provide air tight and pilfer proof protection to food products, and have a long shelf life.

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Various canned vegetables, meat, fish an

Our food packaging solutions serve a variety of markets, including fruit, vegetables, dairy, fish, meat, ready meals, pet food, ghee, cheese, infant milk powder and other dry food products.

Food & Nutrition Cans

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Paint Cans 

Our high quality Paint Cans are lightweight, sturdy and resistant to corrosion. Our paint cans are also suitable for various adhesives & coatings as these cans are designed to enhance compatibility with most acids and alkalis used in the respective industries

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Our leak-proof and air-tight cans provide safe packaging solutions for pesticides and other chemicals. Our cans are designed to have exceptional barrier properties and ensure that the chemical composition of its contents are not altered

Pesticide Cans

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Aggressive chemicals in ink containers need to have adequate protection in containers. Our Vacuum Ink Cans have been used for decades by the stalwarts in the Ink industry. We also do provide non-vacuum ink cans for companies if it suits their requirement.

Ink Cans

Empty aerosol cans in production factory

Our aerosol packaging solutions serve a variety of markets, including home care, personal care, dairy, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. 

Aerosol Cans

Beautiful cans with honey decorated with

Our experienced team has the potential to develop decorative & personalized cans across all industries. Our team also develops cans based on specifc requirments of our customers 

Decorative & Custom Cans

Standard Specifications
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